Mr. Hum

On Christmas, one of my photo enthusiast relatives brought over all his camera gear to take some pictures for fun. I would say equivalent to 20k. Needless to say, I immediately started drooling and playing with his gear because a lot of it was stuff I can't afford. For instance, the Elinchrom Quadra RX kit, the Einchrom Ranger RX kit, and all the studio fixings you can think off. So after awhile, when he was done shooting the family, I decided that I would try to use this expensive equipment. I inserted Heidi for some shots, and this is when Mr. Hum (my brother-in-law) started to put on boxing gloves and stepped into the line of fire.  I think he also had many beers because his face was really red. Personally, I think this equipement had too much power even dialed fully down for my style. I prefer strobes cause they are smaller and less combersome. But Rangers would be nice for that over powering the sun look.

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