Nancy and Wayne's Wedding

July 30, 2011 - Had a great time photographing this wedding. I got a chance to visit the new Ottawa Convention Centre since that was where the reception was being held.  I must say, that is one huge building! It was a very lovely ceremony in the Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica. I've been inside before and I have seen many terrific photos, but this was my first time photographing it myself. Another highlight of my day was getting to see and hold all the wrestling title belts that Wayne had got for his wedding groomsman. I wish I had those a long time ago, and I wish I had thought of that for my own wedding. I am not even a big wrestling fan, but who doesn't like pretending to be a world champion in front of a mirror. Finally, I want to give thanks to Kevin Groen. He was my awesome assistant throughout this shoot cause Heidi was unavailable. He was definitely a treat to have and made my life way easier. Thanks Kevin. Finally, I almost forgot to thank Wendy Leung of Beyond Events. She was the wedding planner for this wedding and the one responsible for getting me this job. I must say it was a joy to work with a planner because everything was so organized. I was very amazed at how detailed the schedule was for the wedding day and how she was able to make everything fall on schedule. Every engaged couple should at least consider a planner, thanks Wendy! bridal party congress centre wedding groom and bride kissing museum of civilization Bride and Groom museum of civilization wedding and Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica

bride and groom hitching a ride notre-dame cathedral basilica

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