Julie and Jason's wedding

September 24, 2011- I was invited as the wedding photographer for Julie and Jason's wedding at the Montebello.  I have only been there once before; it was during the winter season so I had no idea what it really had to offer.  Wow, this place is great! I would love to stay there for a week and just relax and forget time - that is if I can afford it.  I only know Jason from the few months we worked together, and coincidently I also worked with Julie as well in the past. They are really nice and easy-going people and made working with them a pleasure - both at our day jobs and at the wedding. I wish them all the best in their future. Here are some photos from that event. Again, I want to thank Heidi for helping me out. groom and bride formals ottawa wedding bride portrait ottawa wedding formal groom groomsmen ring boy cigar wedding ottawa formal groom and bride ottawa wedding groomsmen bride portrait ottawa wedding