Artistic Portrait of Maleficent

I finally got together with ÁLI last week to do our Maleficent portrait session after a few cancellations due to rain. She is a singer, songwriter, designer, actor and cosplayer I met while trying to find people who did cosplay to photograph. I must have asked a dozen people who I thought did great costumes and oddly enough she was the only one that panned out. I am quite perplexed because I thought offering my services for free and for fun would be of interest for people who obviously liked having fun in costume and being photographed. But people either didn't respond, responded and never got back to me or asked me for a legal framework such as copyrights and licenses before we even discussed concept and fun stuff. Everything happens for a reason because the person I really wanted to work with and emailed first, turned out to be super awesome and easy to work with. I also want to thank Heidi for helping out on this shoot and providing input on the edits too!