Robert Dvorkin

Robert is a pianist in the Ottawa area. I am excited to post this recent shoot with Robbie because we have worked quite hard coming to the final product. It is not always easy for photographer and subject to agree on the "best" pictures, as "best" is so very subjective.  I always have a hard time selecting pictures of myself because I look at myself very differently from everyone else in the world, and I understand that is what happens with most of my clients. I also understand that sometimes the lighting, and the composition for me could outweigh the subject's appearance, but that is just the photographer in me. Despite our opposite views on what is "best"; we managed to hash it out and made our final selections over some wine (well mostly).  We agreed on some but not on others...

This picture we agreed on. Probably the favourite of the entire photoshoot.

Robbie went with a more friendly image, as he has clients and these would be for his website. I agree with him now that this was a better selection.

I went with a more dramatic "Al Pacino" version which would not help his case for getting more clients. Well, not the right ones anyhow. But, definitely cool looking right?

This is another one Robbie selected. I also now see what he was talking about... but again I went with...

this one. I just really like this image. Robbie did not.

Anyhow, what do you think? Which ones do you like better?

Regardless, the outcome was good time, good wine, and I made a good friend too in the process. Give Robbie a call if you ever need some piano instruction from an awesome guy.