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Tanya and Doug's Wedding

I photographed Tanya and Doug's wedding on my birthday.  It was a half day in a old style bed and breakfast. It was called the Perth Manor; a real nice building with lots of character. Apparently lots of artists in the area use it for fashion shoots and some films. I also met the owner, who was a very passionate chef who really cares about his food.

This was definitely the nicest group of people I have met, and not just the wedding party. Perhaps it was a smaller group then I usually see at a wedding, but I was treated very well and everyone was very friendly with me. The best thing, was when the news leaked that it was my birthday, everyone got up and sang me happy birthday.  Tanya is also my accountant, and I highly recommend her if you need great advice on how to run your books. I really have no clue and she has been really patient with my zillion questions. Anyhow, just another thank you for my wife Heidi for always helping me out with my photoshoots.