travel photography

Lisbon 2015

It has been 5 months since my trip to Europe. I finally got around to Lisbon, Portugal images. To be fair, Lisbon accounted for over 65% of the overall pictures from the whole trip. I condensed it to about 170 photos, which I won't post here obviously. Here are just a few to a more general audience. 

So, I can't say enough about that fuji x100 camera. I took it to Orlando and loved it, and this time I took it to Europe and it was fantastic. It is amazing because I don't care that much about it, so I can bring it everywhere even when I am drinking hard for the night. It is also small enough to put in my jacket or small bag if I get sick of carrying it. The most important part of course is the quality and ease of use and... it passed. The quality is very good especially since I am shooting jpegs with this, and the metering is phenomenal. I wonder, what the more expensive brothers of this camera would be like?  I normally use a Nikon d800 and sure I can slap on a 35mm lens and it is basically the same, but it is not. It is a little heavier, little bulkier, and little everything, but mostly a lot more expensive and not a camera I bring in some unknown alleyway super wasted.  Sure it will take 10 percent of the shots I can't make with the FUJI, but the key here is FUJI is more than good enough. What it lacks in image quality and functionality, it makes up for always being there to take the images I wished I would have taken but didn't because I didn't bring my D800.

Anyhow, Lisbon was truly an amazing city to visit. The climate, the lifestyle, the view and the people are amazing. It is kind of like a warmer, super densely populated version of Ottawa with more history, and a nightlife. Beer was cheap, people were super nice, lots of outdoor hangouts, food was cheap, can walk everywhere, and the place is just beautiful.