R.G. Packman & Associates Ltd.

R.G. Packman & Associates Ltd.

Recently I did corporate headshots for the entire staff at R.G. Packman and Associates Ltd. The hardest thing about doing a gig like this is basically I am going in blind. I bring some lights, cross my fingers there is good space to take photos and hope for the best. 

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Portrait of Sad Rich

I call this headshot portrait "Sad Rich". I think he looks sad in this photo, but Heidi says he does not. I am pretty sure he looks sad as when I took the photo, I specifically told Rich to look sad, but not too sad. I guess Heidi is fixated with the not too sad part. Anyhow, I like it and spent all weekend playing around with this photo making minor changes that nobody will notice. If you like my picture please support me by liking and sharing my pictures and please do follow me on twitter, facebook or instagram.

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Alexandro's social media headshot

I did this headshot with Alexandro a couple months ago for his linkenIn and other social media profiles. I think it is essential to have yourself represented by a professional high-quality image in this day and age. I think this is especially true if you are in the service industry and want your clients to have a good first impression. Unfortunately, people do judge a book by its cover so keep doing what you do so well, but look good doing it!

ottawa corporate headshot

Tori's actor headshot

Here is a headshot of future young actress, Tori. I am finally catching up and have the time to post again and with the snow melting I just want to shoot shoot shoot, so book your headshot session now. It is not always easy to work with kids but this shoot was easy; Tori was a natural. This was the image she ultimately went with.