ottawa portrait photography

golden hour

Here is a recent publish of portraits with prolific quarterly magazine in their fall issue. I didn't do much just took the pictures from this make-up experiment done by Alina Suave on our amazing model Victoria. Special thanks to Karissa for the lending the beautiful dress and actually helping a lot with the setup and application of the shoot. And as always my assistant Steven who should be doing these shoots on his own. 


I had a chance recently to work with some very talented people on an art collaboration. This newest photographic project, Dissolution, is an exercise in trying to show the realities of modern romantic relationships using surreal characters. Colour and light play a significant role in the photos, working together to create the stylistic representation within the project; achieved through the work put into the makeup on the models, and the positions of both the models and light sources. The result becomes a sequence of photos that effectively show different scenes between a husband and wife, and the mundane existence they share with each other.

MUA: Alina Sauve
Hair: Kim Carr
Models: Christine Hager & Nathan Primeau (also wrote a description to this project in words)


I am very happy that my first submission ever was accepted. This was a collaboration with Kass Foulkes and Alina Sauve back in November. I have been waiting a long time to post these images. I am happy to share that it was accepted into Beautivation Magazine for their March issue.

They are on 6 pages in Beautivation Magazine! (78-83)


Ottawa is full of talent. We have great models, MUAs, stylists, and Chris Banfalvi, a crazy talented artist that makes swords, crowns, chariots and other pieces of work made from metal. His work is currently showcased at the Orange Art Gallery should you want to check out the exhibit. This was a concept shoot for something bigger on the works from our model Mylee Batista and her mom, Ashley. Chinenye (MUA) and myself will both be part of this project with what seems to be a large list of other talented artists. I can't wait for all this to get started.  Thanks to my assistant for this shoot Steven Lian to make these images possible. He is a talented photographer himself.


Last week, I worked with Amber Erlik (model) and Sara Yousuf (MUA) on some beauty Indian-style looks. Usually, people arrive with make-up and hair finished before the shoot, but this time I had the opportunity to do some video work for Sara and was there for the entire process. As I captured the make-up process, I understood why the "team" was always so friendly with each other already before the shoot. It is this getting ready process that really bonds people, which I happen to miss out most of the time. But now it all makes sense. Anyhow, here are some of favourites. And hopefully, a successful video to follow. Thanks to Pehnawa couture for the clothing and jewellery.


I am very excited about this post because it is my first attempt at photographing a real dancer and I had a ton of fun shooting this gig.  I got an email one day from this contemporary dancer from Yellowknife who wanted me to photograph her in downtown Ottawa and in some water fountain. Did she really say water fountain? I always get nervous when people watch me do stuff, at least until I get into the zone and I lose sense of my surroundings, but this whole bit with the water fountain in confederation park increased my anxiety from day 1.  However nervous I was, it would have been 50 times worst for her.  She was the one who had to get into the water and interrupt the lives of every single person in the park that day.  Even the guy playing pokemon next to me stopped and starting taking video of what we were doing. He didn't think I noticed but I see everything. Anyhow, all I have to say is it was a ton of fun and I can't wait for the next "public" shoot! Thanks Laurinda and until next time.