Some recent work with Sam, done last week. It has literally been months of bad weather and bad timing for Sam and me, which prevented us from working together. So it was nice to finally have this opportunity to do some portrait work. I love this shoot and it gave me the opportunity to try some new lighting techniques.

I sometimes wonder how people edit their stuff so quickly and within a day have everything ready for delivery.  Am I the only one that literally spends hours doing micro adjustments to what is already a finished product? A little darker, a little brighter, too bright, too dark, too green, wait...more green.  Or do you repeat the same things to yourself, "ah I better start over, ah why don't I use a process that enables me to not have to start over, ah well I will use that process next time."  Anyhow, I rarely miss deadlines but if you are ever wondering why it is taking so long... its cause of this problem.