Grandma Hua

My grandma lives in a home that is subsidized by the government. It is not a retirement home as there are no nurses, and she is free to do as she pleases, but the whole building is filled with the elderly. I think it is a pretty good setup for her as she is close to chinatown and therefore has the freedom to live her own life still. My grandma is a busy lady with her church group and all her friends randomly dropping by. I believe you can see her doing tai chi in the morning sometimes as well. The only thing I find weird is this chicken wire that surrounds the balcony. At first, I thought it was some management decision to prevent old people from jumping, but then I realized this was probably some make-shift solution to prevent pigeons from living on her balcony and leaving their waste. Either way, it looks like some prison and only some balcony's have it. I guess I will inquire more the next time I visit. Here are some headshots and portraits I liked from our impromptu session. It will please the available light crowd that I only use THE SUN, but only cause I didn't have a flash.