Meow Sens Meow

As an experiment, Heidi and I started twitter accounts for our cats. Yeah I know, we have serious cat issues. The main reason I did this, was that I suck at marketing myself and I thought I can do a way better job, if I was marketing somebody else. It takes that weird edge off. So, I was convinced my cats would get more followers than my own twitter account, and after three days both Tigh and Chubbs' twitter accounts are well on their way to surpassing my account. It's odd actually cause I feel so free tweeting as a cat, cause I can be stupid and cheezy and just be myself (although I am technically a cat). It's just so ridiculous, so it is easy I guess.  It is also weird that people seem to like and follow the weirdest things. I posted something amazing; no likes. However, posted something mediocre; many likes. The answer is simple, I am opposite cat man. I took a quick picture of Tigh with a sens jersey and it read "Meow Sens Meow" and my twitter went bananas. Tigh has so many cat friends now I can start a sanctuary.  It was a just a quick two second picture. The images below actually took some time to do... so let's see if the photography has any play what so ever in the world of social media.  Also if it hasn't been coined by somebody else, I'd like to say it belongs to Tigh - Meow Sens Meow.  Look for that has tag tonight...#meowsensmeow