Nature's Buzz

My wife Heidi and I have been going weekly to Nature's Buzz for almost two years now. They know me as the asian guy that buys a lot of vegetables (well I added the asian part). I don't want to start a debate about organic vegetables, whether it is worth it or if it is even really organic or whatever. For me it is simple, I pay a little extra for a little extra piece of mind. Anyhow the funny thing is I hate eating vegetables, so I just juice it and make smoothies. Well, when I say I...I really mean my wife does it.  I have no such discipline. Anyhow, every week I go to Nature's buzz as Heidi goes to Metro to buy other things we need. Metro does carry almost all the same vegetables, but there is definitely one huge difference...they are limpy.

This passed Friday, Jocelyn and I went in to take portraits of Nancy. I have ran into Nancy before and I knew she was the look I was going for, but I don't think we have ever had a conversation in person. I am glad we got a chance to meet because she was a super-friendly person and her personality was exactly what I thought a women running an organic store would be. I also got to talk to her son Eric who turns out to be a great musician and songwriter. You should check out his music on bandcamp.