Day in the life of Eric the Intern - Part 1

Eric invited Andrew Leung and myself over for a photo shoot at his home last week. This shoot is part of the my personal portrait project to photograph radio DJs in their own environment, and perhaps get a little snapshot into their lives to see the person behind the voice we hear on the radio. This would be my second instalment, my first was with Jen Traplin. However, this shoot I have broken into two parts as both parts have a slight different feel to it. Part one has a darker humour feel to it, while the second part you will have to wait and see. So this is a result of four hours of drinking, shooting, smoking, eating, laughing and coming up with "ideas" of what to shoot. All of them start of with, "You know what will be funny...". I guess we were having too much fun because Jennifer started to give us input and even ended up in one of the pictures. Since Eric is such a big fan of Nickelback (just ask him), a fan of Eric made a painting of him, but with Chad Kroeger's hair. It has long been a cherished item in his household so he wanted me to have it incorporated as much as possible. This has been one of my favourite photo shoots in a long time because it was really a collaborative effort, and no matter how the pictures turned out, at least four people will like them and have a chuckle.

Big thanks to my buddy Andy for being my human tripod, Jennifer for participating and some awesome ideas, and finally Eric for helping me with this project and subjecting himself to this ridiculousness I call art. If any Radio peeps out there are interested in participating in my project, please message me!