Top To Bottom

This week I accepted a job to grab headshots of two doctors that recently joined the "Top to Bottom" campaign with Colon Cancer Canada.

"Top to Bottom was created in 2012 as an innovative way to invest in local colon cancer communities across the country. Donate in honour of your doctor and publicly recognize the vital work that they do to save thousands of Canadian lives each and every year."

I had to be at the Civic hospital at 7am, which is super early by my standards. I got there 30 minutes early cause I knew I would get lost finding the room they sent me. It was a smart decision cause I was definitely lost. I spent more time trying to find the doctors then I did photographing them. Mainly, cause I only had about ten minutes before one of the doctors had to give a speech somewhere.  Anyhow it all worked out, just a lot of early morning stress sweat but in the end all went well. If you wish to donate to colon cancer through this campaign, the two doctors are Dr. Lara Williams (top), and to Dr. Isabelle Raiche (bottom).