Yoga Ottawa

Since April, I have been doing yoga to combat my chronic back pain. I am happy to say so far so good.  In general, I feel more flexible and my hamstrings are not as tight as they use to be. Well, still tight but not as tight. I have been recommended to do yoga from all my healthcare practitioners for the last 10 years, and only now have I gotten of my ass and finally committed to it.  Progress is slow, but the key is there is progress and not having to worry about my back in a few years is probably the greatest feeling ever. Although being able to just bend over with less knee bend may seem like a tiny accomplishment, it feels awesome in many levels that I just cannot describe. Lately, I have been receiving private yoga lessons from Kaitlin Shanahan with extra emphasis on my hamstrings. In exchange, I took some portraits for her to use for her social media. Kaitlin has been an amazing experience, and I wish it is something I can afford regularly in my life. In our short time working together she did guided me in the right direction and I now I have baseline to work on as my yoga journey continues.  Namaste. I still don't get the whole namaste thing.  Is it "welcome" or is it "thank you"?